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This report has been prepared in accordance with the reporting framework established by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a recognized authority in sustainability reporting, and is our first report based on the GRI Standards, using the Core option.GRI 102-54

The report contains data for Cargill Alimentos Ltda. and its primary subsidiaries in Brazil, including Cargill Agrícola S.A., Banco Cargill and Cargill Animal Nutrition, for the period from January 1 to December 31, 2017, as well as information about the market and trends in the first half of 2018. GRI 102-45, 102-50

Published annually in both Portuguese and English, our reports are addressed to all our stakeholders and are designed to provide information in a transparent and objective manner, describing our strategic agenda and our positive and negative social and environmental impacts.GRI 102-52

Any questions, suggestions or requests for further information about our Sustainability Report 2017 can be sent by e-mail to [email protected] GRI 102-53


The materiality process used to inform the content for our Sustainability Report 2017 elicited inputs from external stakeholders in a survey on the topics in Cargill’s sustainability strategy.

Over a period of two months, an online survey was taken by employees and external stakeholders, including suppliers and corporate responsibility, environment and governance professionals. We also held interviews with industry experts and nongovernment organizations. This structured stakeholder survey helped us to map our priority topics based on the three pillars of our strategy: 1. Nourish the world; 2. Protect our planet and 3. Enrich our communities. Learn more about our strategy in Sustainability management. GRI 102-40, 102-43

Our Corporate Affairs Department validated the most material topics and their disclosures against the company’s global standards, in a prioritizing exercise. Our businesses and functions each provided a list of their stakeholders, and Corporate Affairs then prepared a consolidated list of stakeholders to be surveyed for the materiality process.GRI 102-42

Pilar de Sustentabilidade GRI 102-44, 102-46, 102-47COMMITMENTSPRIORITIZED TOPICSTOPICS
Nourishing the world1. Good agricultural practicesPromoting the use of technologies in support of good agricultural practices-
2. Food security and nutritionSecuring access to food through sustainable logistics416: Customer health and safety
3. Food system innovationUsing innovative technologies in food production, transportation and consumption-
Protecting our planet1. Land useBuilding financial mechanisms that help to protect forests and develop agriculture in Brazil304: Biodiversity 307: Environmental compliance 411: Rights of indigenous and traditional peoples
2. Water resourcesWater conservation (reduce impacts from water withdrawal and ensure effluents are in a condition to be discharged into water bodies)303: Water 306: Effluents and waste
3. Climate changeReducing greenhouse gas emissions intensity in our processes, facilities and transportation305: Emissions
4. Suppliers and rural producersEvaluating the sustainability performance of suppliers and farmers411: Rights of indigenous and traditional peoples 412: Human rights assessment 414: Supplier social assessment
Enriching our communities1. Supporting projects with social and environmental impactDeveloping projects that increase access to safe, healthy and sustainable food413: Local communities
2. Volunteer work in local communitiesStrengthening partnerships with other organizations with a focus on community development413: Local communities
3. Health & safetyCreating innovative solutions that change the way we work to enhance the health and safety of our employees403: Occupational health & safety
4. EmployeesProviding a safe and inclusive work environment406: Non-discrimination 407: Freedom of association and collective bargaining 408: Child labor 409: Forced or compulsory labor


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