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Cargill statement on joining Center for Climate and Energy Solutions call for ambitious U.S. climate policy

December 02, 2020


Cargill remains a strong and outspoken advocate for climate action. We recognize business has a critical role to play and that is why we are joining this effort, led by C2ES in partnership with other leading U.S. businesses, to signal support for bipartisan climate policy. Our actions today will shape the future of food, and protect our planet, for generations to come, said Greg Downing.

We cannot ignore the impact of a changing climate on our global food system. At Cargill, our science-based climate strategy is rooted in agriculture and united with farmers, who are some of the greatest stewards of the earth. Agriculture is how we will mitigate climate change, regenerate our soils and improve water use, while nourishing the world in a more sustainable way.

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions