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Cargill statement on U.S. FDA notice on partially hydrogenated oils

November 12, 2013

As a leading supplier of fats and oils, Cargill will continue serving as a resource to food manufacturers, government agencies and other parties interested in understanding the important role of dietary fats and oils in product taste, function and nutrition.

Our company makes and markets fats and oils, including ingredient solutions that can replace partially hydrogenated oils in foods across all product categories.  For well over a decade, Cargill has been helping food customers replace oils containing trans fat and harnessing its knowledge of grains and oilseed processing, trait breeding, nutrition science and applications to bring to market the next generation of healthy fats and oils.

Cargill will talk with our customers about FDA’s tentative determination and share information in response to FDA’s request for comments.  We also will identify remaining opportunities to help food manufacturers find acceptable alternatives to partially hydrogenated oils.