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Panel Discussion: The Next Agri Food Revolution

Florian Schattenmann
Conference of Montreal
June 11, 2019

From using drone technology in fields to hyperspectral imaging in food processing, the agri-food industry is in the midst of major innovations and transformation to respond to a variety of consumer expectations.

Cargill's chief technology officer Florian Schattenmann joins other leaders in agricultural innovation to discuss how disruptive technologies are shaping the future of food and environmental sustainability. The conversation focuses on big questions that are being wrestled with in agriculture today, including: 

  • Is the agri-food value-chain well positioned to respond to emerging consumer demands?
  • How is the evolving agri-food landscape creating new industries and transforming supply chains?
  • How can the agri-food sector embrace developments from the broader economy – from biosciences and big data to advance manufacturing and transportation – to meet future challenges?