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Delivering excellence through mutual contract commitment

November 21, 2016

Cargill's range of chocolate products has increased rapidly to stay ahead of the changing preferences of your consumers. In order to meet the desired level of customer service, it is more important than ever to manage capacity effectively.

Ensuring security of supply

Contract commitment by both parties is key to managing expectations and avoiding unnecessary cost impacts. The clearer insights into expectations obtained as a result of this commitment can be translated into our strategy ensuring your security of supply. In line with industry practice, we are therefore introducing contract follow-up for chocolate, coatings and fillings.

To date, we have turned down requests for extra supply during certain delivery periods in order to ensure we could meet all our contractual obligations. Knowing more realistically the delivery execution on contracts means we can protect obligations while remaining flexible about these requests. Conversely, if a customer knows in advance that he or she cannot live up to a particular contract, we are agile enough to help them find alternative solutions.

Agility and efficiency

Further changes are being prepared in order to better manage internal and external backlogs, again with increased agility and efficiency in mind. Details about when they will come on stream will be released in due course.

Building on excellence

Cargill is the preferred partner for many of you, because you know our word is our bond. Our outstanding performance in executing contracts means you can rely on us to keep the delivery of your order, and therefore your production, running smoothly. These new, more efficient ways of working together build on this performance and will help us to help you further optimize your business efficiency.

More information

Our sales organization is proactively reaching out to you to explain contract follow-up, but please feel free to contact your sales manager for further information.