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From ideation to creation at the innovation center Vilvoorde

Cargill complete support during the innovation process.

February 21, 2016

Across more than 13,000 square meters of innovation space, a team of 170 are working at Cargill’s European R&D center, Vilvoorde with one goal in mind – to support the innovation needs of Cargill customers. Under this roof, talented scientists and technologists are continuously studying, developing and applying new ingredients and testing new manufacturing processes.

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In-depth understanding across categories

The Vilvoorde center – one of Cargill’s principal global innovation centers - offers expertise across the entire spectrum of food ingredients, including cocoa and chocolate. Customers can also take advantage of the connection to the global Cargill network and T-Model expertise. The T-Model means both breadth and depth of knowledge. As a global leader in the food industry, we can offer a broad scope in ingredients and applications, plus deep expertise within each of these.

Because we can work across multiple categories, finding the best solution can be made simpler. If, for example, the goal is to develop a low-calorie formulation, the whole product can be worked on – from chocolate to biscuits and dairy – and a range of ingredients used that support calorie reduction.

Complete support from market trends and product analysis, to ideation and finished product

From idea generation using the latest trends and extensive gap analysis through to product and process development, we can support the innovation process.

Some breakthrough innovations are the result of in-depth research and a long-term vision. Whether the desire is a more bloom stable chocolate, a low-calorie concept or a complete product, like ‘no-added-sugar’ chocolate-enrobed biscuits, our dedicated scientists are committed to researching and uncovering the right solution. In the development – or, application – phase, we can provide scientific support for a wide scope of specific requests. From healthy reformulations to sustainably-produced concepts or cost-efficient recipes, creative science allows exciting ideas to be developed that precisely meet the need. And finally, to turn concepts into finished products quickly and efficiently, Technical Service and Product and Process Development teams are in place to guide implementation of the right technology and processes.

New projects for added value

Whether the goal is new or enhanced product formulations, Vilvoorde is positioned to help. “We want to help our customers target ever-changing consumer needs,” says Jeroen De Paepe, Food Applications EMEA Lead Chocolate - Bakery. “ We are constantly trialing new projects to see how we can add more value – such as our patent-pending work on bake stable fillings. Through access to our raw materials, breadth of ingredients far beyond cocoa, formulation expertise and our pro-active approach, customers can create consumer-inspired innovations and increase their speed to market.”

Would you like to talk to the team at Vilvoorde about your product development needs? Contact your Sales Manager.