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Helping smallholder farmers in Indonesia improve their lives

February 18, 2015

What do smallholder farmers in the world’s fourth-most populous country need? As this new video shows, in many cases, basic training can help farmers produce more food, more sustainably, while also improving livelihoods.

As Indonesia’s economy develops, people are consuming greater amounts of animal protein, including poultry. But many small enterprises in this sector suffer from low productivity. Cargill is working with these farmers, including student entrepreneurs in Java, to educate them on best practices in bird feeding and care. This means healthier birds and higher incomes for the farmers.

Improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers is just one of the five goals of the Zero Hunger Challenge, a United Nations program that calls on both public and private institutions to scale up efforts to achieve:

  • Zero stunted children less than 2 years
  • 100 percent access to adequate food all year round
  • All food systems are sustainable
  • 100 percent increase in smallholder productivity and income
  • Zero loss or waste of food

The work Cargill does every day can help make each of these five goals a reality, and today we are announcing our commitment to help achieve them by joining the Zero Hunger Challenge. 


Get involved: Learn more about Zero Hunger Challenge, including how you and your organization can participate. You can also follow @zerohunger on Twitter and share messages of support on social media using the hashtag #zerohunger.
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