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Innovation and technology will change the way we feed the world 

Cargill focuses on technology, digitalization and R&D to feed the growing population healthy diets within planetary boundaries

January 24, 2019

For more than 150 years, Cargill has been on an unwavering mission to nourish the world. But as the global population grows and consumer values shift, food and agriculture systems must also evolve.  

“Innovation in all its forms—technology, digitalization and R&D—provides the means to address some of the greatest challenges facing the global food system,” said Cargill CEO Dave MacLennan. “Whether it’s achieving zero hunger, delivering on consumer preferences, creating safer workplaces, offering transparency in our food system or helping farmers prosper, Cargill believes technology can unlock solutions.”

We recognize no single company, technology or platform can do this alone. That is why we favor open-source technologies, making the best approaches available to everyone to evolve the entire industry and advance food and agriculture globally. 

By combining Cargill’s deep digital expertise and culture of innovation with the capabilities of critical partners from Hyperledger to Descartes Labs, Cainthus to Techstars, we have introduced solutions that strengthen the future of food and ag, said Justin Kershaw, Cargill’s chief information officer. 

“Whether through machine learning, IoT, blockchain or innovations yet to be discovered, it is about finding the right technology to solve some of the greatest food and sustainability challenges the world faces today," he said.

Like any other critical infrastructure, food and agricultural supply chains need continued modernization and innovation, Kershaw said. We will continue making meaningful investments to digitalize the food and agricultural supply chains, with a focus not only on growth for the company and customers, but also to advance responsible trade, improve farmer prosperity and fulfill the company’s purpose of nourishing the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way.  

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