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Money, food sent to nourish the people and animals affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria

September 05, 2017

Cargill’s donations directed to Red Cross and Feeding America, two partner organizations working on the ground in stricken regions

Cargill has partnered with the Red Cross and Feeding America to provide financial contributions and donations of food and animal feed to help nourish the regions across Texas, Florida, Georgia and Puerto Rico stricken by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.

“With seventeen facilities and more than 925 employees in the paths of the storms, safety was our first priority. Once we determined everyone was safe and accounted for, our employees immediately wanted to know what they could do to help,” said Michelle Grogg, vice president of corporate responsibility and sustainable development at Cargill. “With programs in place to activate employee and corporate giving, and long-standing relationships with our trusted partners Feeding America and the Red Cross, we have been able to quickly get our donations to those who need them most.”

Cargill and its employees have donated over $250,000, with all funds going to the two selected organizations running relief efforts on the ground. Cargill’s businesses with employees in the affected regions—Cargill Agricultural Supply Chain, Metals, Risk Management, Starches and Sweeteners, Cargill Protein and Salt, Cargill Animal Nutrition and Power and Gas—also organized their own contributions. This includes a Cargill Protein and Cargill Animal Nutrition shipment of 3 million servings of easy-to-prepare meat (cooked seasoned ground beef, hot dogs and deli meats) and 300,000 pounds of animal feed to nourish the people and animals affected by the storms.

“The donations are a reflection of our commitment to nourishing people, animals and the planet, especially in times of such great need,” said Grogg.

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