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Music, magic and miles of smiles 

Children from Pragati Vatika School in India celebrate the Spirit of Diwali with Cargill volunteers

December 17, 2014

What happened when Cargill employee volunteers showed up at the Pragati Vatika School in Gurgaon, India, bearing games, gifts and goodwill in October 2014? As you’ll see in this video, a lively celebration broke out!

For the school’s 130 kids, it was festive day of celebrating the Spirit of Diwali, which means “spreading the light of joy and cheer.”

The Cargill India team in Gurgaon, with contributions and support from colleagues in Singapore and Geneva, organized a Diwali Fete that included music, magic shows, dancing and an abundance of laughter and fun.

McDonald’s added to the enjoyment by providing Happy Meals® -- a huge hit with all of the children.

“We have had great fun today; I really enjoyed the magic show and loved the Happy Meal,” said Sana, a student at Pragati Vatika. And as the video shows, the grown-ups had just as much fun as the kids.