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New, state-of-the-art Indonesian facility creates unique red cocoa powder

The rare reds of Gerkens®

May 11, 2016

The newest addition to our global production facilities is our 70,000 MT capacity cocoa processing factory in Gresik, Indonesia, which opened in December 2014. Cargill has been sourcing cocoa from Indonesia for many years. Now, with our technologically advanced facility, we are even better placed to meet the demands and preferences of the Asian market, helping our customers deliver success with consumers.

The facility, in the East Java region, produces a portfolio of premium Gerkens® cocoa powders as well as cocoa butter and mass. Customers can also access Cargill’s high level of technical support services, including R&D, helping drive effective innovation and recipe optimization.

A premium powder portfolio, consistently delivered

The wide spectrum of Gerkens® premium cocoa powders produced in Indonesia range from light brown to dark, intense red. Through our processing expertise, we can ensure the same colour and flavour is delivered every time. We also offer peace of mind on food safety, with the chemical and physical specifications of all Gerkens® cocoa powders produced in Indonesia complying with international standards.

The rare reds of Gerkens®

Thanks to our advanced R&D capabilities, we can now add a next-generation cocoa powder to our range: Gerkens® high-alkalized intense red. This unique powder is redder than anything seen before in the market. Historically, local manufacturers that wanted the smooth taste delivered by alkalized (Dutched) cocoa powder have been unable to attain the rich, reddish colour of natural, bitter, cocoa powder, but our R&D team in Indonesia worked hard to solve this.

[IMAGE CCC - Gerkens logo]

Cocoa powder range, Indonesia

  • Natural powder (10/12 NF)
  • Light alkalized (10/12 DL70)
  • Medium alkalized (10/12 DL72)
  • High-alkalized red (10/12 GR76)
  • High-alkalized intense dark (10/12 GD77)
  • **NEW** High-alkalized intense red (10/12 GR80)

Customers in Europe can now also buy this high-alkalized intense red cocoa powder from Gresik.

Global solutions for local tastes

Through our Gresik facility, we are well placed to offer ingredient, innovation and optimization solutions internationally. “With more than $100mln investments in a cocoa plant in Indonesia, Cargill managed to build capabilities for production of high-quality cocoa powder matching the needs of EMEA and Asian consumers,” says Kate Phua, Technical Service Manager Asia Pacific. “And now, we have also made an R&D breakthrough with the development of unique red cocoa powder.”

To learn more about Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate’s capabilities in Asia and our Gerkens® powder portfolio, contact your Sales Manager.

[IMAGE CCC - GR80 powder image]

Impressive color characteristics of the new Gerkens GR80 compared with current dark alkalized red powder and light alkalized in chocolate milk (Light alkalized cocoa powder - GR80 - Standard dark red cocoa powder)