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Putting People First: Standing up against racial violence, hatred and discrimination 

June 10, 2020

Celebrations of George Floyd’s life continue in Texas and around the world. As we mourn his, and so many other lives needlessly lost, our resolve is stronger than ever to defeat the racial violence, hatred and discrimination that have no place in our world.

We stand with all who have spoken up to say Black lives matter and “not ever again.”

And while we don’t have all the answers, we will listen, engage with community partners, use our voice to condemn anti-Black racism and identify ways to drive meaningful, sustainable, systemic change. 

In our communities

These acts are traumatic for all of us. We must reach higher to do more inside Cargill and in the places where we live and work.

  1. Our immediate focus is supporting families, children and businesses in the Twin Cities community—donating essential products and food as part of widespread relief efforts. We’re also listening to what our communities need and investing in sustained growth as businesses and communities rebuild and look to the future.
  2. Cargill employees are actively participating in community clean up events around the world and donating food and supplies to our nonprofit partners to reach those who need help most.
  3. We are joining forces with other companies to speak up, drive change and help build close knit communities.
  4. And the Cargill Foundation and its nonprofit partners remain focused on the longer-term change that is needed in Minneapolis-St. Paul communities and on addressing the racial discrimination and economic disparities that exist. This is part of the Foundation’s mission of eliminating the opportunity gap for low-income children of color in the Twin Cities.

Within Cargill

We live and work by our values of putting people first and doing the right thing. The cornerstone of our commitment is creating an inclusive culture where our employees feel welcome, valued and heard.

  1. We are going to focus more intensely to remove any bias from hiring processes and talent selection so underrepresented minorities have greater access to economic and career opportunities, and are treated with dignity and respect from the time they apply for a role at Cargill through their tenure as a valued employee.
  2. We have policies and practices to elevate our inclusive work environment, offering inclusive facilities, unconscious bias training and employee assistance and psychological safety programs.
  3. We continue to engage our employees in dialogue on the injustices African-Americans and people of color are facing. During these most challenging times, we must embrace the difficult conversations and create a safe place to discuss, feel and process these events to emerge stronger.

There should be no doubt about this: we believe equal rights and human dignity are absolute. Our leaders and employees will continue to use our voices and our actions to fight for those rights, alongside our customers and our communities.