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Response to Cerrado Manifesto Statement of Support (SoS)

December 14, 2020

We recognize the urgency to address deforestation and native vegetation land conversion in the Cerrado. We have never wavered from our commitment to bring sustainable soy to our customers. We can confirm Cargill will not supply soy from farmers who clear land illegally or in protected areas, and we have the same expectation of our suppliers. 

Today we provide Triple S soy globally. This soy is certified to be deforestation- and conversion-free. Triple S farmers also prove they have adopted good agricultural practices, ensure the well-being of rural workers and are evaluated for greenhouse gas management. In Brazil, we calculate the latest directly sourced soy crop (2018-2019) was 95.68% deforestation- and conversion-free. We continue to work toward 100% deforestation- and conversion-free soy through implementation of our Soy Policy in the shortest time possible.

Many of our customers are signatories of the Cerrado Manifesto Statement of Support. While we may not have signed the Manifesto, we agree progress on the ground to address deforestation in South America must be accelerated. The path forward requires all stakeholders coming together through the Cerrado Working Group (GTC). The best route will be working hand in hand with our customers and with farmers, who must be part of the solution. Our Forest Advisory Panel, which includes NGOs, academics and farmers is helping us to identify long-term, sustainable solutions for South American soy. We are working daily to find the right solutions that allow farmers to earn a living while holding all suppliers accountable to our deforestation- and conversion-free expectations.