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USMCA Deal Announcement

December 10, 2019

WAYZATA, MN, USA – Today, members of the United States Congress and the Administration announced a bipartisan compromise on the United States-Canada-Mexico Trade Agreement (USMCA). The following is a statement from Cargill CEO, David MacLennan.

“Cargill joins a broad coalition of businesses, farmers, workers, and consumers in applauding this bipartisan compromise on USMCA. We are grateful that members of Congress and the Administration have created a solution that will preserve the mutual market access that has made North America one of the most successful trading zones in the world.”

“Cargill strongly supports the passage of this critical agreement, which will provide greatly-needed certainty for agricultural producers and manufacturers. It will modernize trade standards between all three countries, support tens of millions of jobs, and stimulate continued economic growth. We look forward to swift Congressional passage of this vital trade agreement.”