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Why a career in farming and food? 

September 03, 2014

When over 1,500 young people in the United Kingdom were asked whether they would consider a career in food or farming, a staggering 96 percent said no! Jobs in those two industries are often perceived as low-paid, boring, dirty, repetitive and old-fashioned. The food and agricultural industries clearly needed a reputation overhaul with this group.

Bright Crop, the first industry-led initiative to tackle this issue, is challenging this perception while showcasing the wide variety of careers available in farming and food supply. Its interactive and appealing website aims to inspire the next generation, allowing children ages 14 to 18 a chance to explore the diverse roles available in the industry.

On Bright Crop’s website, four employees from Cargill’s UK businesses talk about their careers…

  • Watch Nick Ham Every month, Nick is responsible for rearing over 40,000 chicks into chickens that will become laying hens for the food industry.
  • Read about Luke Walsh Luke started as an apprentice at Cargill’s starches and sweeteners plant in Manchester, England, and now is a trainee electrical engineer in charge of the safety, reliability and integrity of all the high and low voltage distribution systems at the plant.
  • Read about Christopher Lee Henderson Chris arranges for cotton to be shipped worldwide with the correct documentation from Cargill’s Liverpool Office. Every day he deals with multiple international stakeholders to make sure that Cargill delivers on its promises.  
  • Read about Elliot Clewley Elliot is part of Cargill’s European graduate program working in the grain and oilseed business. Since starting at Cargill, he has worked at both crush plants in the UK and spent six months in Hungary.

For Cargill, supporting Bright Crop is an opportunity to highlight the diverse jobs within the company through videos and testimonials, as well as allow our employees to volunteer to become STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) ambassadors who can help foster interest in these critical subjects during students’ school years. To date, over 30 Cargill UK employees have signed up and received training for this program.

Cargill currently is one Bright Crop’s main sponsors, and John Reed, Agricultural Director for Cargill Meats Europe, serves on the steering committee representing all Cargill food and agriculture businesses in the UK.