Bringing 50 years of ocean transportation expertise

Evolving from chartering to customer-driven risk and logistics management solutions

As early as 1937, Cargill participated in ocean shipping as part of its business as a United States-based grain trading company. In the early 1960’s we began chartering ships to meet our internal shipping needs and, shortly after, became ship owners.

We acquired our first ship, named the Captain W.D. Cargill, in 1967. Within 20 years our fleet consisted of 27 vessels. During this time we operated a mix of chartered and owned vessels and began trading. In 2001 we ended vessel ownership and shifted our focus to a more flexible long term chartering and trading model.

Today, a full 60 percent of Cargill Ocean Transportation’s business focuses on developing third-party customer, logistics and risk management solutions. We serve a diverse portfolio of customers from the mining, electricity and steel industries and participate in all the major flows of coal, iron ore, bauxite, cement and grains. Today our mineral flows account for well over half of the 185 million metric tons of physical volume per year.

As Cargill has grown, so has our ability to link ocean freight with Cargill’s port and inland logistics capabilities to offer our customers a comprehensive selection of supply chain solutions.