Ingredients, inputs and feeds

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Cargill experts apply their nutrient insight to help you raise healthy pigs.When you work with Cargill, you work with a partner that understands the critical role that nutrients can play in a successful pork business—enhancing animal health, producing a wholesome product, improving business efficiencies and maximizing profitability. Our groundbreaking research in pig nutrition, disciplined approach to nutrients and innovative technologies can help enhance the health of your pigs and the success of your business.

Our nutrient research spans the globe and our research scientists and technicians are considered world leaders in animal nutrition. We work as a team to share our discoveries and ideas and then apply those results to help create value for our customers at the speed of business. This relentless customer focus, paired with our deep understanding of nutrients and animal metabolism, sets us apart.

Innovative nutrients

Cargill offers innovative ingredients that can enhance the health of your animals and create the wholesome pork products with the qualities your market desires.

A rich nutrient vocabulary is the hallmark of pig nutrition from Cargill. A robust vocabulary of nutrients supports diet formulations that lead to more consistent results. Whether you are growing young pigs, supporting sow health or finishing hogs for market, our world-class nutrients can help you exceed your business goals and create wholesome products consumers desire. And our global reach and size give you more leverage to source additives such as lysine, enzymes, micro-ingredients, flow agents and more.

Premixes, base mixes and concentrates

You can put the power of our robust nutrient vocabulary to work for you with our premixes, base mixes and concentrates. These ingredient inputs can be customized to your business to give you the quality pork you desire while helping to maximize production and profitability.

Our inputs help you provide a nutrient-dense diet to enhance growth and improve gut development and function in young pigs; support reproduction, lactation, proper gut function and joint health in sows; and develop bloom and body condition in finisher hogs. Other business solutions through nutrients include helping to reduce phosphorus output in waste and offering nutrient alternatives to antibiotic inclusion in feed formulas.

Complete feeds

We offer industry-leading complete feeds under our premium brands. These feed formulations rely on the same innovative nutrient focus and relentless customer support in our custom solutions. Our young pig pre-starters and starters and sow nutrition solutions help deliver consistent results through optimum nutrition and help support the health and growth of your pigs.

Nutrition solutions for young pigs

Healthy, thriving young pigs are the cornerstone of the pork industry. Cargill has focused on young pig nutrition and customer needs to develop groundbreaking nutrient solutions to optimize growth and development. From unique, proprietary ingredients to inputs to complete feeds, Cargill is leading the way.

Among our innovative nutrient developments for young pigs is Pig Net Energy, a proven nutrient that drives diet formulations to help improve gain, consistent nutrient intake and cost-of-goods savings. Cargill Pig Nutrition products range from premixes to complete pre-starters to help you manage the production risk of young pigs with a proven approach that has outperformed other suppliers’ products.

We also look beyond nutrients to maximize nutrient absorption. Our line of compound feeds in soft pellets and granules help ease the transition for small pigs from liquids to solids. These forms deliver nutrients in smaller, more efficient packages and use manufacturing technologies to enhance flowing characteristics.