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Cargill Animal Nutrition Species


As a trusted supplier to the international aquaculture industry, we provide you with distinctive, proven products and services designed to promote productivity, manage risks and support your brand, all with the goal of enhancing your business growth.

Beef Cattle

When you choose Cargill as a partner in your beef cattle business, you can alleviate some of the uncertainty with our world-class nutrition science, business management expertise and innovative solutions.

Dairy Cattle

Whether you are looking for complete feed, premixes or concentrates, we will combine practical knowledge with scientific excellence to ensure that our solutions meet your dairy cow's exact nutritional needs


Whether you are producing, or supporting the production of, many birds a week, or managing a smaller operation, you really need to know that our solutions are evidence-based as well as innovative. To ensure strong performance for your business and birds.


We offer a wide range of solutions to ensure you have the right sow solutions to achieve the best healthy piglet performance feeds to maximize young pig intake and gain.

Feed Additives

Moving Beyond Animal Feed Additives