Cargill AgHorizons (United States)

Cargill AgHorizons operates a network of grain elevator and crop input facilities that purchase grain from U.S. farmers and deliver agronomic solutions focused on optimizing production.  A diverse product portfolio of unique grain marketing contracts allows customers to implement a wide range of marketing strategies with an emphasis on reducing market risk.

Grain contracts

Cargill offers a wide variety of grain contracts for any grain operation. Choose contracts based on your desired level of control, your risk tolerance and performance factors that best help you prosper.

Advisory services

Let the marketing experts at Cargill help guide you through the ever-changing grain marketing landscape.

Crop inputs

Cargill AgHorizons USA offers seed, crop input products, and services at selected locations. 


Get the crop inputs you need now and pay for it later using one of Cargill’s farm-friendly financing programs.

Crop Insurance

Let an agent from Cargill Crop Insurance Agency help you choose crop insurance that complements your grain marketing strategy.