Frontier Agriculture

United Kingdom

Reaching new horizons in food and farming

A joint venture with ABF Holdings, Frontier Agriculture is dedicated to linking arable farmers directly with end users through a fully integrated service.

Frontier Agriculture uses a "whole farm" approach to help farmers develop and market their arable produce. We seek out the best end-markets, grow the crops to match that demand and minimize the supply chain length between grower and processor, ensuring continuity and security for the future.

Established and innovative

Working in collaboration with farmers and manufacturers, we continually add to our understanding of agricultural and food processes and marketplaces. We give you access to some of the UK's leading farm traders, agronomists and marketers - and decades of hands-on knowledge and experience.

Stable and adaptable

Growing for markets

Frontier Agriculture is an industry leader in farm assurance and protocol growing and understands both the complexities of arable agriculture and the exacting requirements of the food industry.

Diverse & Focused


Our network of trials and technical centers allows us to evaluate and test newly developed seed varieties prior to their commercial release. We also work closely with the plant breeding industry and the world's leading crop protection companies to add a full agronomic evaluation to this procedure.

We also offer a comprehensive package of agronomic advice, crop nutrition and grain marketing solutions ensuring growers have every opportunity to maximize returns.


Frontier Agriculture’s agronomists provide comprehensive practical agronomic advice on most crops including the main combinable crops as well as potatoes, vegetables and sugar beets.


Frontier Agriculture provides the highest quality technical advice, advising on efficient fertilizer use and your cropping, while focusing on specific geographical soil requirements and local markets. We have built strong relationships with several major global fertilizer suppliers, allowing us to source high quality, agronomically proven products at a competitive price.