Farmer services

No matter what grain you grow, no matter where you grow it, we offer solutions to meet the needs of grain producers around the world. A sampling of our offerings include:

  • Grain marketing
  • Crop protection and inputs
  • Agronomy advisory services
  • Specialty growing programs
  • Silo management

North America

In the United States and Canada Cargill AgHorizons offers farmers a range of grain marketing and contract options, crop protection and inputs, and agronomic advisory services. We also offer a high oleic specialty canola growing program  for farmers interested in top performing, high yield crops with superior per acre returns.

Western Europe

In the United Kingdom Frontier Agriculture - our joint venture with ABF Holdings - links arable farmers directly with end users through a fully integrated service.

In France and Germany Landea® provides a dedicated service for farmers via their cooperatives to market their grains.

Eastern Europe

In Romania our network of more than 20 silos handle grain for local farmers. Pre-financing plans, transportation from field to silo, fast intake, and prompt payment bring added value to local farmers. Visit Cargill Romania to learn more.

In Hungary we buy and sell grains and oilseeds both for immediate or longer term delivery, providing farmers and businesses with a market for their goods. We also offer a high oleic sunflower-seed programme that provides farmers with extra income, stable market and pricing, and delivery flexibility.  Visit Cargill Hungary to learn more.

In Ukraine we originate grain and rapeseed for exports and sunflower seeds for local processing. We have 6 silos and 2 crushing plants but we also use a third party silo network. We offer our suppliers a reliable source and have long term commitments. We also supply farmers with high oleic seeds and guarantee to receive the crop for processing in our crushing plants.

In Russia we manage several silos in the center of the Kuban wheat belt as well as originate and store grain, sunflower and rapeseed. We also offer a high oleic sunflower seed program to produce high-acid oils and sunflower oil for the Russian market. Visit Cargill Russia to learn more.

Latin America

In Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Uruguay we manage a number of country stations. In Argentina, the network covers more than 15 locations and has evolved since the 1960s to include the supply of grains and oilseeds required by our processing and export facilities as well as to complement the commercial network for distributing farm inputs. Visit Cargill Argentina to learn more.

In Brazil, our relationship with producers from all regions is strengthened by dialogue, the exchange of best practices, and the offer of products such as Cargill Garantia Plus, which protects farmers from significant fluctuations of the soybean price. We also have an integrated network of over 130 grain origination offices located in the country’s main agricultural areas, soybean crushing plants and several port terminals. Visit Cargill Brazil to learn more.

Asia Pacific

In India, we connect Indian farmers with markets through a network of Saathi centers that provide farmers with competitive prices and access to reliable grain buyers. Visit Cargill India to learn more.


Products and services available will vary by country.