Financial and risk management

We offer risk management, investment, and financial solutions for food, financial and energy customers in world markets.

Cargill Risk Management

We structure and market over-the-counter risk management products on agricultural and energy commodities. Since 1994, Cargill Risk Management has worked with businesses to identify their commodity price risk exposures. We then create tailored risk management products that mitigate these risks and protect operating margins.



In France and Germany, Landea® provides a dedicated service for farmers via their cooperatives to market their grains.

Cargill Trade & Structured Finance

Cargill Trade & Structured Finance's (TSF)  objective is to create additional value for Cargill and its customers. Today, with over 300 professionals in 19 locations, TSF works with customers in over 80 countries to provide them with customized financial solutions. TSF’s structuring expertise aids in mitigating documentary, cross-border and credit risks associated with trade finance.

In addition to meeting Cargill’s own trade finance and trade related funding needs, TSF also optimizes Cargill's physical trade flows to generate trade finance derived liquidity in emerging markets for customers. TSF is also engaged in proprietary trading of financial products.

TSF brings high standards of risk management and operational excellence to the customer. Our understanding of the commercial aspects of global trade and financial institutions has allowed us to build innovative funding solutions to tackle specific customer objectives.


CarVal Investors

CarVal Investors is a global leader in managing opportunistic value investments in credit-intensive assets, including

  • Corporate Securities & Liquidations
  • Loan Portfolios & Structured Credit
  • Real Estate