Landea® Farm Market Solutions

Our localized expertise gives you a customized service

Farmers can easily access risk management tools that are integrated into the pricing offers for the crop from their collector. They thus have a single contact person with whom to set up their sales strategy for their crop. During the whole production and crop sale period they work with their usual contact to build a marketing plan and manage price risk to improve their income. With the Landea® farmer risk management solutions, collectors can:

  • Landea® Farm Market Solutions.Build a differentiation strategy in an increasingly volatile environment

  • Establish a risk management service for its farmers

  • Manage the volatility of agricultural commodities
  • Develop new sales skills
  • Offer their farmers innovative pricing offers for their crop that meets their expectations
  • Help cooperatives manage their market risk exposure

Drawing on our expertise in risk management and knowledge of the grain market, Landea® is a unique risk management service developed specifically for Agricultural Merchants & Cooperatives (collectors), either for their own needs or those of their farmer partners.



Farmer Risk Management Portfolio (PDF)