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Meeting the unique needs of customers with hundreds of products

From animal nutrition and feed to our distinct brands, learn about Cargill's products and services for farmers, food companies, manufacturers, energy and financial providers.

Animal nutrition & feed. Cargill.

Animal Feed & Nutrition


Agricultural commodity trading & processing. Cargill.

Agricultural commodity trading & processing

Energy, Transportation & Metals. Cargill.


Farmer services. Cargill.

Farmer services


Financial & risk management. Cargill.

Financial & risk management

Foodservice. Cargill.


Ground beef, beef cuts and deli meats.


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Sustainability Consulting

Industrial / BioIndustrial. Cargill.



Transportation & Logistics

industrial grade starches for paper making.

Paper Making

Personal care. Cargill.

Personal care


Pharmaceutical. Cargill.



Salt. Cargill.


Winter road maintenance. Cargill.

Winter road maintenance


Consumer brands

Consumer brands. Cargill.Whether it's family, friends, neighbors or associates, we have ingredients for your meal.

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Ingredient brands

Food ingredients. Cargill.If you purchase or specify ingredients to manufacture food products, Cargill’s dozens of brands will seem like old friends.

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Animal nutrition brands

Animal nutrition. Cargill.Animal nutrition brands from farm to pet food.

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