Cargill’s range of nature-based excipients offers key functionalities in many different pharmaceutical products. We also offer active pharmaceutical ingredients for hemo- and peritoneal dialysis solutions and injectables.



Pills and capsules.

Binder, disintegrant, diluent, sweetening agent or coating agent are just a few examples of the functionalities that Cargill excipients offer in the formulation of solid dosage forms.

Liquid medication pouring onto spoon.

Cargill excipients are frequently used as sweetening agent, bulking agent, emulsifying and suspending agent in various liquid dosage forms.

Chewing gum.

Cargill offers the base ingredients for many medicated confectionery products such as hard candies, pastilles and chewing gums.

Vitamin capsules.

Cargill’s lecithins and phospholipids are frequently used in various oral nutrition supplements formulations.

Syringe and bottles.

Cargill delivers pyrogen-free products suitable to be used as actives in parenteral applications.

Dental mould.

Cargill’s absorbing and gelling agents are the products of choice for medical device products such as wound care and ostomy care products.