Cargill 2016 Annual Report

Cargill is facing into the future. With clarity of purpose, we are focused on driving results. Working with customers, we are envisioning a tomorrow that is more sustainable and innovative. Working with farmers, employees and partners around the world, we are creating the tomorrow we all want to see: one, where together, we thrive.

COMING SOON: Cargill's 2017 annual report will be posted in early August.

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A pivotal year

2016 has been a dynamic year inside Cargill and beyond. Long-term shifts in population, urbanization and climate are reshaping global food and agriculture, even as disruptive forces are at work in the market today. We are transforming Cargill to be more agile, with capabilities essential to our customers’ success. We are leading the advance toward a more sustainable food system that nourishes people and protects the planet. We have not yet achieved the consistent earnings growth across the company that we want, but where we have made changes we have realized results. These efforts position us well for a rapidly arriving future.

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Facing into the future

Navigating change

The global food economy is shifting. Market forces and demographic trends are continuously influencing supply and demand. Consumers are voting with their values on a wide range of quickly emerging food issues. Anticipating these changing complexities is a crucial part of how we help our customers succeed.

Driving Innovation

Innovation fuels progress. In a rapidly changing world, Cargill is developing new products and services that meet shifting expectations and anticipate future needs. Across the spectrum of our businesses, creative thinking is unlocking new possibilities.

Advancing Sustainability

At Cargill, we aim to be the most trusted source of sustainable products and services for our customers. We are working at the intersection of food security and sustainability to nourish people and protect the planet.

Our leadership team for fiscal year 2016

David MacLennan
Chairman and CEO
Kathy Fortmann
Business Services
Joe Stone
Animal Nutrition
LeighAnne Baker
Human Resources
Todd Hall
Protein and Salt
Gert-Jan van den Akker
Agricultural Supply Chain
David Dines
Energy, Transportation and Metals
Ruth Kimmelshue
Business Operations and Supply Chain
Frank van Lierde
Food and Bio-industrial Ingredients
  Marcel Smits
Finance and Compliance