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Remembering 150

Preserving the past, celebrating the future.

A century and a half of market leadership and innovation deserves recognition. Our 150th anniversary was a chance to pause and reflect on where we came from, who we are today, and how we can carry our proud legacy into the future.

Cargill 150th Anniversary Stories

Explore what makes Cargill unique: We create new markets and help existing ones work better, delivering innovations that nourish people across the globe. Available in multiple languages.

Proud W. W. Cargill

Since 1865, we’ve expanded in big ways: into new markets, new industries and new territories. To show our founder how far we’ve come—and where we’re headed next—we sent him around the world.

Thrive Illustrated

The work we do takes place everywhere: on farms, on trade floors, and on ocean-going ships. To bring these examples to life, children of Cargill families created pictures that show how we help nourish the world.

As part of our 150th celebrations in 2015 we convened emerging leaders from diverse stakeholder groups to look at food productivity, specifically in Zambia and South Africa.

As part of our 150th Anniversary celebrations in 2015 we joined with partners, global, and local industry experts to look at domestic food production capacity and international markets.