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Cargill 150th Anniversary Stories

We create new markets and help existing ones work better, delivering innovations that nourish people across the globe.

High River Builds a Sustainable Beef Business

A new Cargill beef plant in Canada finds success with eco-friendly processing practices. 

[North America]/[]

Harvesting the Unharvested to Feed Millions

With millions of pounds of American crops left unused each year, Cargill saw an opportunity to help families who struggle to put food on the table.


Diversifying With Nutrena Mills

After World War II, Cargill acquires a Midwest-based feed company, expanding its portfolio and introducing a new business culture.

[North America]/[]

Fighting Famine in the Horn of Africa

To help families through the worst drought in 65 years, Cargill donates and delivers 10,000 metric tons of rice to the eastern region of Africa.

[Middle East & Africa]/[]

Creating Renewable Energy for Jeju Island

On a small island off the coast of South Korea, Cargill helps create a sustainable waste management solution for swine producers. 

[Asia Pacific]/[]

A Plan for Empowerment In India

Teaming up with CARE, Cargill works to break the cycle of extreme poverty in the Kutch region of India. 

[Asia Pacific]/[India]

A Growing Grain Supplier Gets Financial Guidance

When one of Mexico’s leading grain producers needs help funding the expansion of its business, Cargill offers a unique support plan.


Setting New Standards for Cocoa

Cargill’s cocoa processing plant in Brazil overcomes challenges to become one of the top producers in the world. 

[Latin America]/[]

Teletype Makes for Faster, Smarter Decisions

Before email and texting, there was teletype—Cargill’s ahead-of-its-time wire system that sped up communication between offices and optimized business.

[North America]/[]

Leading the Meat Industry in Quality

A commitment to research and innovative resources helps Cargill’s beef business set the standard for flavor and tenderness.

[North America]/[]

A New Solution to Keep Winter Roads Safe

Through decades of innovation, Cargill unlocks the full potential of deicing methods to provide more value to its salt customers. 

[North America]/[]

Granting Consumers’ Wishes for More Omega-3s

IngreVita™ oil offers a new solution for food and beverage manufacturers to add essential fatty acids to their products. 

[North America]/[]

Finding The Right Infant Formula

To help a Dutch customer improve the quality of its baby formula, Cargill develops a new processing system to remove unwanted ingredients.


Preventing Heat Stress in Cows With Feed

A feeding solution helps dairy farmers handle the hot months, maintaining healthy herds and profitable milk production. 


Risk-Taking Teaches Important Lessons

When Cargill’s TRADAX team experiences a setback in the early 1970s, trader Huub Spierings relies on the company’s core values to persevere.


The Evolution of a Community in Indonesia

Cargill’s Hindoli Plantation in South Sumatra does more than grow sustainable palm oil—it is a nourishing community for farmers and their families.

[Asia Pacific]/[]

Improving Milk Production in India

A wide range of new programs from Cargill helps deliver essential solutions to a nation of dairy farmers. 

[Asia Pacific]/[]

Pillars of Plenty Premieres

An educational film promotes Cargill’s business practices beyond company walls. 

[North America]/[]
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