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Many mothers feed their infants formula to grow healthy and strong. When quality concerns arise, a global formula producer turns to Cargill to help improve its formula.

Finding The Right Infant Formula

To help a Dutch customer improve the quality of its baby formula, Cargill develops a new processing system to remove unwanted ingredients.

January 01, 2015

Infant formula is important for giving babies a strong foundation for a healthy future. When an influential magazine published a report in 2008 about undesired components found in baby formula, several producers took notice and demanded change.

To address the quality concerns, a major customer turned to Cargill’s refined oils business in Europe, a global supplier of infant-grade oil and fat blends that closely mimic the composition of breast milk. Cargill assigned a team of employees to examine the claims presented in the publication. After assessing the options, Cargill’s experts developed an improved processing method that helped remove the unwanted components from infant formulas and baby foods. Not only did Cargill’s customer successfully meet its new quality requirements, but also, it was able to maintain its position as a market leader in infant formula.

Since then, Cargill has employed the new processing system to create a global supply chain of infant oil and fat blends that meets the diverse quality standards for countries around the world, including China, Malaysia, Australia and Brazil. Going one step further, Cargill now also supplies its customers with sustainable palm oil, a key ingredient in some of its baby formulas, helping customers also meet their sustainability goals.