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IngreVita™ oil, a new omega-3 additive from Cargill, helps customers add healthy fatty acids to their food and beverage products.

Granting Consumers’ Wishes for More Omega-3s 

IngreVita™ oil offers a new solution for food and beverage manufacturers to add essential fatty acids to their products. 

January 01, 2015

Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, commonly called EPA or DHA, are essential to human health. They offer an array of benefits, from strong brain development and inflammation reduction to lowered risk of heart disease. But the human body does not produce these fatty acids on its own. EPA and DHA need to be supplemented through foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Research shows that in North America, most people do not receive adequate amounts of EPA and DHA from their diets alone, but demand for them is rising.

“Consumers tell us they are looking for added nutrition in the foods they buy, and there is a growing awareness of the benefits of omega-3s.”
— Kristine Sanschagrin, Marketing Manager, Cargill Specialty Seeds & Oils

Cargill’s Fatitudes™ research, an annual study conducted by the company in 2014, explored how consumers perceive oils and fats in packaged goods. It revealed that at least 98% of consumers have heard of omega-3s, and an increasing number are more likely to purchase products that are advertised as containing them.

To help its customers easily integrate fatty acids into their products, Cargill went to work developing a new ingredient. In 2014, it introduced the IngreVita™ blend of high-oleic canola oil, fish oil and proprietary antioxidants that could be added to many foods and beverages. It was the first stabilized fish oil offering ease of formulation, designed to replace a portion of the oil used in a given product’s recipe. It also offered little to no impact on taste and a relatively low price point. Now, manufacturers could seamlessly add IngreVita into their products, providing consumers with foods more rich in omega-3s.

In 2015, a second product in the IngreVita family was released. IngreVita sunflower oil, a formula free of genetically modified organisms (non-GMO), offered a similar blend of fish oil and proprietary antioxidants. Since their debuts, both IngreVita blends have been enthusiastically received, providing customers with an opportunity to improve the nutrition of their brands and, in effect, enrich the lives and diets of their consumers.