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Dairy Enteligen®

Unleash your herd's potential

Unlock the power of your herd data with the new Dairy Enteligen™ system. Dairy Enteligen™ combines the power of real-time data inputs from your herd management systems into a decision-making dashboard.

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What is Dairy Enteligen™?

Dairy Enteligen™ can integrate data from your herd management systems,including nutrition formulation, to offer a real-time dashboard of operation insights.In an evolving consumer demands, volatility and market changes environment, Dairy Enteligen™ helps you to be in control of your farm productivity and sustain long term profits

Dairy Enteligen™ is backed by a global team of over 600 Cargill consultants and specialists who add observation and analysis to the data to deliver relevant and actionable information for decision-making.

Dairy Enteligen™ offers a distinct and complete analysis of your on-farm data, enabling farmers to be more successful by better managing daily operation, avoiding unexpected costs and optimizing long term planning.

Why choose Dairy Enteligen?

  • Easy to use dashboard and mobile app
  • Integrates data from your dairy herd management systems
  • Fueled by insights from experienced Cargill dairy consultants
  • Uniquely links to MAX™ system for Dairy  and Cargill Nutrition System
  • Distinct and complete analysis leading to better decisions:
    • Prevent mistakes
    • Set long term plans
    • Optimize investments in facilities and people
    • Long term business health and profitability

How does Dairy Enteligen™ work?

Through the touch of a smart tablet or a computer keystroke, dairy consultants work with farmers to track key information, including milk productivity, animal health and comfort and feed formulation. The Dairy Enteligen™ data collection, management and analysis platform combines this disparate information from multiple software programs into one comprehensive system, allowing Cargill advisors and customers to make precise decisions on feed and farm management practices.

Dairy Enteligen, How it Works

Dairy Enteligen Features

Dairy Enteligen gives you the flexibility to choose the level of service and data analysis that works for your operation. Options range from a Basics Package, an Insights Package, or the innovative Dairy Forecast service. Your Cargill consultant can help you choose the option that best meets your needs.

Dairy Forecast 

An innovative dashboard from Dairy Enteligen, Dairy Forecast combines data from the mobile app and your farm to help your Cargill consultant analyze the data and help you choose farm improvements most aligned with your goals. 

Dairy Forecast uses 3 features to break down the data into actionable insights:

  • Economic Opportunity: Graph that outlines opportunities by cost, time, and potential profit.
  • Farm Score: An index that clearly shows potential areas of improvement.
  • What If Analysis: Breaks down Economic Opportunity into smaller, feasible steps. 

View our product sheet to learn more.