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Candle Making

NatureWax® vegetable waxes offer candle makers burn performance, improved fragrance loading and formulation flexibility

The candle market continues to grow steadily as retailers expand their product offerings and consumers look to enhance their homes with a variety of different candle types that require a diverse set of performance requirements. 

Retailers are looking to candle makers for innovative product ideas to attract new customers and expand category sales. And, their customers are increasingly looking for more natural products, such as vegetable-based candles, to enjoy in their homes. As petroleum-based paraffin wax production has decreased, vegetable waxes have filled the gap to meet the growing demands of both retailers and their environmentally-conscious customers. Vegetable waxes outperform mineral waxes in other attributes such as improved fragrance loading and a cleaner, longer burn.

With Cargill’s deep background in vegetable-candle waxes and technical expertise in modifying those chemistries to achieve specific performance characteristics, we collaborate with candlemakers to solve complex product challenges giving them a competitive edge while still optimizing supply chain operations.

NatureWax® natural vegetable-based wax blends are used by premium candle makers across North America and Europe. 

We have been pioneering the use of vegetable-based waxes for candles since 2001. With deep technical expertise in vegetable-based waxes, we work with our customers to create innovative, proprietary products that solve their most complex product challenges and optimize their supply chain operations.

NatureWax® products are known for:

  • Supporting increased fragrance loading in candle with no syneresis as compared to paraffin based systems
  • Exhibiting better glass appearance than other natural wax formulations resulting in less waste material and fewer customer returns.
  • Made from renewable vegetable sources that can be replenished at a faster rate than many alternative fluids providing long-term, reliable supply

Products for candle making

NatureWax® Vegetable Waxes - North America

Higher-performance, vegetable-based wax blends used by premium candle makers across North America, Europe and available through select distributors worldwide.

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NatureWax® Vegetable Waxes - Europe

Vegetable-based candle waxes designed for the stringent and varied demands of European candle makers.


NatureWax® Vegetable Waxes - International

International Distributor List


Working with vegetable waxes for candle making

Vegetable waxes generally require some modification to candle production processes originally designed for paraffin waxes. Here are a few tips:

Melt viscosity

The melt viscosity of vegetable waxes is higher than paraffin waxes - some adjustment to wick dimensions and material may be needed, to increase the wax flow to the flame.

Lower heat of solidification

Votators (SSHEs) and other cooling equipment will need adjustment to account for lower heat of solidification in vegetable waxes. Vegetable waxes have a natural yellowish tint. This is reduced in blends with white paraffin, and the usual overdipping techniques can be applied to vegetable wax-paraffin blends if a colored finish is required. Cargill offers premium grade vegetable waxes with exceptionally low color.

Crystallization speed

Generally speaking, vegetable waxes crystallize more slowly than paraffin waxes. Our range of candle waxes addresses this difference, offering products with rapid crystallization rates for high speed lines. In slow-cooling poured candles, 'blooming’ (appearance of large, voluminous crystallites on the surface of the wax) can be a problem: that is why we have developed products which are resistant to this blooming effect.

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