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Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

Cargill provides products and services to help industrial manufacturers tap into the full potential of our bio-based ingredients to meet both performance standards and the expectations of consumers around sustainability and environmental safety. Take a look at these pages to find out what Cargill can offer your business.

Adhesives & Binders

Cargill’s deep expertise in agriculture-based chemistry has led to our adhesive innovations that draw on natural sources for bonding strength, versatility and staying power.

Asphalt Solutions

Anova® Asphalt Solutions: Full line of bio-based rheology modifiers, rejuvenators, cold mix solutions, warm mix additives, anti-strip additives and emulsifiers.

Biovero™ Plasticizers

Sustainable Solutions for efficient plasticizers

Candle Making

Deep technical expertise in vegetable-based candle waxes that helps candle makers create proprietary products giving them a competitive edge.

Chemical Industry

For customers in the agricultural field, our high-quality, natural products can be substituted for petroleum-based products in many applications including natural pesticides for crop protection.


Cargill can help you increase the use of natural, sustainable ingredients in your materials, without compromising on cost or effectiveness.

Dielectric Fluids

Cargill leads the industry in producing and supplying dielectric fluids, including the first and superior natural ester transformer oil, FR3® fluid.

Drilling / Oilfield

With more than 50 years of biopolymer product expertise and large-scale industrial fermentation plants around the globe, we are poised to meet our customers’ demands for innovative solutions in oilfield applications.

Fermentation Industry

Our product porfolio spans the whole fermentation process.

Foams & Flooring

As the leader in high performance, soy-based polyols and polymers, our research and development team will work with you to meet the challenge of changing market needs by maximizing foam performance.

Home Care

To meet the specific needs of our customers, Cargill develops label-enhancing, non-toxic products that are derived from renewable resources.


From high temperature processing fluids and machine lubricants to de-dusting and rust prevention oils, we zero in on the best formulations for our customers.

Paints, Coatings & Inks

Cargill offers a range of renewable vegetable oils and additives for the paint and coatings industry. In addition to industry standard products, our innovation focus allows us to create customized solutions to fit your business needs.

Paper & Packaging

 High performance solutions for the paper and packaging industry