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Your star for starch

The paper & board industry is in a state of flux. It's facing a changing marketplace compounded by higher energy and raw material costs. E-commerce, lightweighting, new barriers solutions and recyclability are examples of key trends influencing the industry towards more cost-efficient, performing and sustainable solutions. Cargill is ready to help customers to overcome those new challenges with our products, technical support and sustainability initiatives that will help the industry achieveing  the new targets.

Starch is an important component of many paper grades. Starch, by weight, is the third most important raw material in papermaking and paper conversion processes after cellulose fiber and mineral pigments. Whether you need native or modified, corn or wheat-based starch solutions for wet-end, spray, surface sizing, coating or corrugated applications, we are your go to partner.

Value-added innovation is top of mind for us. We partner with customers, equipment suppliers, universities and scientific institutions to develop new products that help meet today’s and tomorrow’s industry needs.

In short, we deliver true value for your paper and board.

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Paper & Board Making

Starch solutions for wet-end, spray, surface sizing and coating paper-production phases are maximized through our unique technical support and equipment consultancy.


Starch solutions to formulate high performing glue for corrugated board are maximized through our unique technical support and equipment consultancy.


Cargill has the purpose of unlocking nature’s potential through the ingredients that we manufacture and provide. We defined this effort across three pillars: “Nature’s People,” “Nature’s Planet,” and “Nature’s Product.”

Meet with the stars for starch

This year we will be attending several key paper and board industry events in Europe. Check out the details here and book an appointment to meet our experts at these great industry events.

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