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BiOH® soy-based polyols and polymers deliver optimal performance for polyurethane-based products while increasing renewable content. 

BiOH® polyols and polymers are soy-based, industrial ingredients for polyurethane products such as flexible foam used in mattresses. Traditional polyurethane foam is derived from petroleum-based chemicals. BiOH products can replace a portion of the petrochemicals in polyurethane applications. In certain cases, BiOH polyols and polymers outperform traditional polyurethanes, offering customers product innovation opportunities.

As the leader in high performance, soy-based polyols and polymers, Cargill’s R&D team will work with you to meet the challenge of changing market needs by maximizing foam performance. Our recent innovations include load bearing foams and memory foams that are low in VOCs and provide softer foams at lower room temperatures while meeting your renewable content/sustainability needs. Best of all, the BiOH line is as versatile as it is innovative and may be customized to create solutions specific to your product performance needs.

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Bedding Polyols

Foams created with BiOH® polyols can help mattress manufacturers meet consumer demands for performance and pricing.

Solving problems, enhancing performance Renewably sourced, excellent performance
  • Our BiOH R&D Center allows us to work one-on-one with our customers to create real world solutions for their specific performance specifications.
  • Time to market from concept to commercialization is increased because we are able to simulate a customer’s production environment for testing of new products at our 19,000-square-foot R&D facility.
  • In addition to new product innovation, we work with customers to optimize existing products to achieve lower total cost in use, improve processing time or enhance performance characteristics.
  • BiOH products are made from 80-99% renewable materials.
  • BiOH polyols can reduce petroleum content by 5-20% in flexible foams and up to 50% in memory foam.
  • BiOH polyols dissipate heat 30% faster in some memory foams.
  • BiOH polyols and polymers can replace up to 60% urethane and latex in binder systems such as carpet backing.

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