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Cargill NatureCool 2000 Immersion Cooling Fluid

The nature-derived choice designed for immersion cooling of electronics


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Let's improve the way the world cools electronics

Today's digital economy has created an ever-increasing demand for data centers and data storage that deliver faster speeds and more computing power. This, in turn, means more servers and more heat generated from electronic components. NatureCool™ immersion cooling dielectric fluid is a plant-based, purpose-engineering solution that's high performing and cost efficient, with a superior level of fire safety, to better cool servers and electronic equipment.


The benefits of NatureCool™ – the superior immersion cooling fluid

NatureCool is the only plant-based and biodegradable immersion cooling fluid offering improved sustainability over traditional options and superior heat transfer and dissipation for reduced energy costs, along with the highest levels of fire safety. 

NatureCool fluid is designed specifically for immersion cooling applications, with high-performance characteristics that include high dielectric strength and 10% higher heat capacity than synthetics. Purpose engineered to be compatible with a broad variety of electronics, related materials and components, NatureCool fluid is a cost effective immersion cooling solution with a price similar to most single-phase synthetic fluids.

Plant-based and readily biodegradable


Made from more than 95% vegetable oil, a renewable resource, and specially formulated performance-enhancing additives, NatureCool single-phase immersion cooling fluid is biodegradable in as little as 10 days. In the event of a spill, this simplifies the process of remediation and provides superior long-term sustainability when compared to both mineral oils (only 40% biodegradable) and synthetics.

NatureCool Fluid



1000x statistic

Over 1000x cooling capacity of conventional air cooling




60% nanturecool stat

Up to 60% less energy required for cooling




NatureCool statistic


Biodegradable in as little as 10 days




NatureCool zero statistic


Zero global warming potential (GWP)




NatureCool 325 degrees statistic

Flash Point




NatureCool 10% statistic


Higher heat dissipation compared to synthetics



Mindful Energy Solutions selects NatureCool for Bitcoin mining

With their patented heat recapture technology, Mindful Energy Solutions Inc. (MESI) has partnered with Cargill to use NatureCool fluid in their Bitcoin mining systems.


Partner with us

Knowledge, industry experience and a dedicated team

Whether you have questions that need answers or problems that need solving, our team of knowledgeable immersion cooling experts are ready to assist. We offer: 

  • A state-of-the-art research lab and R&D team
  • Extensive in-house materials compatibility testing
  • Samples available for testing in your onsite labs and facilities

Contact a Cargill representative to get started on material testing, order a product sample to test at your convenience, or discuss your immersion cooling project. 

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Immersion cooling outperforms conventional IT air cooling

Immersion cooling is a recently developed technology that significantly outperforms conventional IT air cooling systems by greatly reducing energy consumption and cooling costs while ensuring a safe and sustainable environment. In addition to improved cooling capacity and energy input reduction, immersion cooling also reduces water use and minimizes carbon dioxide emissions.

How it works

How single-phase immersion cooling works

In single-phase immersion cooling, electronic IT components are fully immersed in a dielectric (non-conducting) fluid that provides heat transfer directly from the electronics to the coolant, which is then circulated through the system to a heat exchanger or cooling tower. The immersion cooling fluid doesn't boil and never changes phase, while greatly reducing energy consumption required for cooling the electronics.

NatureCool Cooling Diagram

Cooling efficiency

Immersion cooling is 1000x more efficient than conventional air conditioning

As data centers and processing power continue to grow exponentially, new cooling technologies are required to keep densely packed electronic components functioning properly. Immersion cooling offers 1000x more cooling efficiency than conventional air-cooled data centers, and also uses far less power as a result of removing fans and large air conditioning systems. 

Advantages of immersion cooling vs. air cooling:

  • 1000x the cooling capacity of air cooling
  • Efficiently cools densely packed electronics
  • No expensive air conditioning or air flow management systems required
  • Energy and cost reductions


Sustainability for today, tomorrow and into the future

Typically, cooling IT hardware consumes up to 40% of a data center's energy consumption, second only to actual computing power. Conventional air-cooling and air flow management systems are inadequate to meet the exceptional growth needs for data centers and other applications. Air cooling is simply not sustainable from a cost, performance, or environmental perspective. Luckily, immersion cooling offers the needed technology to enable the continued growth of digital technologies that require enormous amounts of computing power. 

Cost savings

Improved cost savings associated with CAPEX, OPEX and maintenance

Because immersion cooling utilizes a much smaller footprint than conventional air-cooled data centers, capital expenditures (CAPEX) can be reduced by as much as 35% by eliminating infrastructure costs for large air conditioning units and chillers. Improved cooling efficiency means less power is needed to cool electronic components, which can result in operational expenditures (OPEX) savings of 40-60%. When combined with reduced maintenance costs due to less wear-and-tear on moving parts in immersion cooling systems, total cost of ownership (TCO) can result in savings up up to 40%. 


NatureCool Applications

Data Centers

In the last 10 years, power usage in data centers has increased a thousand-fold, from several hundred kilowatts (kWs) to several hundred megawatts (MWs). By switching to NatureCool immersion cooling fluid, it's estimated that data centers could save up to 60% on energy costs compared to conventional air cooling. It also helps meet the increasing performance requirements and sustainability goals associated with the exponential growth in digital computing.

Up to 20% of the energy use in air-cooled data centers is used to power fans

Up to 35% of the total energy bill in air-cooled data centers is used for cooling

Cryptocurrency Mining

NatureCool immersion cooling fluid can help boost your hashrate and improve the performance of cryptocurrency/blockchain mining while also reducing capital expenditures (CAPEX) required for air-cooling infrastructure and minimizing the operational footprint. By increasing your performance per kilowatt, you can significantly reduce operating expenses (OPEX) associated with energy consumption. This allows more power to be directed toward the actual ASIC or GPU crypto-mining operations.

Additional Applications

As processing power continues to increase at an exponential rate – and with it more heat is generated at a matching rate – NatureCool single-phase immersion cooling fluid offers superior cooling efficiency to a wide variety of other applications, including:


High-performance computing (HPC)



        5G/Edge computing



Artificial intelligence (AI)


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Technical Details

NatureCool™ 2000 Immersion Cooling fluid is the natural choice for dielectric cooling solutions for data centers, data storage, edge computing, cryptocurrency mining, high-performance computing (HPC), and hyperscale cloud service providers (CSPs). It is 100% biodegradable, offers superior heat transfer and dissipation, a higher level of fire safety, and is both renewable and sustainable immersion cooling liquid for use as a dielectric coolant.


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