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FR3r fluid

Rapeseed natural ester dielectric fluid

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FR3r™ natural ester fluid is derived from >95% rapeseed oil, a renewable resource, and contains no petroleum, halogens, silicones, or sulfurs. It is nontoxic in soil and water to help protect the environments and communities FR3r filled transformers operate in. This K-class fluid outperforms mineral oil, providing superior performance, value, and peace of mind.

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FR3r - Why FR3r


Fr3r - 20 percent

Up to 20% more loading capacity*


Fr3r - 100 percent

Biodegradable in as little as 10 days


Fr3r - 2x

Over 2X higher fire and flash points*



Fr3r - 8x

Up to 8X longer paper insulation life*



Fr3r - 10x

10X higher moisture saturation point*


Fr3r - 140 degrees

Up to 140°C top fluid operating temperature

*compared to mineral oil


Safe, sustainable, trusted

FR3r fluid is a plant-based natural ester that outperforms mineral oil, providing exceptional reliability, increased loading capacity, sustainability, superior fire safety, and cost savings - thus more efficiently power how communities live, play, work, and thrive.

Exceptional reliability for enhanced performance

Fr3r fluid is specifically formulated to operate in the most demanding environments with no maintenance needed under normal operating conditions. It's unique formulation easily handles high load fluctuations and high heat, with a top fluid operating temperature up to 140º C, making the transformer less prone to a partial discharge. 

Fr3r fluid has unique moisture management properties that continously dries paper insulation by pulling and abosrbing moisture from the paper insulation into the fluid wihout creating any damaging byproducts, helping extend paper insulation life up to eight times longer.

Fr3r - Exceptional Reliability Preview

FR3r™ fluid applications

Power Transmission and Distribution

FR3r fluid outperforms mineral oil when used in power generation and distribution transformers of all voltage classes. When compared to mineral oil, FR3r fluid delivers superior performance for utilties and industrial/commercial applications. 

When you choose FR3r fluid for your transformer, you create a high performing, more reliable grid that benefits your business, community, and the planet.


Fr3r transmission

Solar Power

FR3r fluid is able to handle the highly fluctuating loads, difficult invertor harmonics, and high heat in transformer cores without gassing, overheating, or tripping alarms.

The unique formulation of FR3r natural ester is designed to help transformers operate at full load capacity without issue, even during the sunniest times of the day in the hottest days of the season. Plus, enhanced fire safety provides peace of mind and safety.

Solar Energy

Wind Power

Demand for wind power continues to expand and wind turbines for large-scale wind farms have grown more powerful. Now it is essential to specify high-performing transformers that are compact, lightweight and maintenance free.

Using FR3r fluid in wind turbine transformers— for both onshore and offshore applications— helps enable transformers that are more compact than mineral oil filled transformers with the same loading capacity for a notable impact on the bottom line.

Fr3r - Wind Energy


FR3r fluid is a K-class fluid which reduces fire risk and eliminates the need for expensive fire containment systems. This often leads to lower insurance premiums, creating notable savings over the life of the transformer. FR3r fluid natural ester is also 100% biodegradable in as little as 10 days. Providing a more sustainable option to mineral oil. Finally, the fluid has superior moisture management that continuously dries paper insulation and can extend asset life by up to 10 years.

Fr3r - Retrofilling - Preview

FR3r - Lower Promo Image

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