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Paints, Coatings & Inks

Renewable vegetable oils and additives for the paint and coatings industry

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What does it take to meet the changing needs of the paints, coatings and inks industry? Deep knowledge of the market, experience with a wide range of ingredients, and established expertise in creating successful solutions for customers. That’s Cargill.


Cargill is a leader in providing renewable vegetable oils and additives for the paint and coatings industry. In addition to industry standard products, our focus on innovation allows us to create customized solutions to fit your business needs. Our expertise in agriculture-based chemistries allows us to create better performing industrial solutions for our customers. We operate under a philosophy of performance driven innovation, delivering lower total cost of ownership benefits. We collaborate with customers to create innovative, new-to-the-market solutions.

Our ingredient expertise includes linseed oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, canola oil, Oxi-Cure® low-VOC oils and coalescing agents, Agri-Pure Gold® vegetable oils, ethanol, polyamides, amidoamines, amines, mannich bases, reactive diluents, and polyurea.

Specialty ingredients

Altor® Polyaspartic Esters

Our Polyaspartic ester resin products are amine-functional reactive materials for polyisocyanates, delivering outstanding abrasion resistance, UV stability and fast return to service.


[North America]/[]

Agri-Pure™ Biosolvent

Our vegetable oil-derived biosolvent offers excellent cleaning, thinning and solvent properties with fewer health risks than traditional solvents. Availability: Europe


Oxi-Cure® Low VOC Oils & Coalescing Agents

The Oxi-Cure® product line of esters is specially designed to help our paint and coatings customers achieve low VOC levels in their coating formulations. Products include coalescents and crosslinkers to provide superior film forming and reduced VOC.

[EMEA, North America]/[]

ChemRes™ Epoxy Resins

Focus on modifications of various types of resins to improve handling and performance, delivering custom-made solutions.

[North America]/[]

ChemMod® Reactive Diluents

We are one of the leading domestic producers of reactive diluents. All materials produced utilize our state of the art facilities.

[North America]/[]

ChemCure® Amidoamines

Amidoamines are less volatile and have less irritation potential than polyamines. They also offer lower viscosities, allowing for higher pigment loading and low VOC formulas. Additional features include good adhesion to concrete and adaptability to a wide range of working times.

[North America]/[]

ChemCure® Cycloaliphatic Amines

Modified cycloaliphatic amines from IPDA are one of the most commonly used curing agents and can be used for low VOC coatings with a fast cure rate, short pot life, and low temperature curing suitability.

[North America]/[]

ChemCure® Mannich Bases

Mannich bases are highly reactive curing agents because the accelerator is built in. They are good for low temperature cure and other challenging applications, such as damp, cold and even under water applications.

[North America]/[]

ChemCure® Modified Aliphatic Amines

Modified aliphatic amines produce coatings with low vapor pressure and more practical mixing ratios. They are engineered for targeted applications, such as chemical resistance, blush resistance, water spot resistance, adhesion, low color or combinations of these properties.

[North America]/[]

ChemCure® Polyamides

Unmodified polyamides produce coating layers that are much more open in terms of their chemical structure and are thus more flexible. They generally produce coatings with excellent adhesion, water resistance and flexibility.

[North America]/[]

ChemCure® Tertiary Amines

ChemCure® Tertiary amines can be used to speed cure times in epoxy systems.

[North America]/[]

Base ingredients

Blended and Packed Vegetable Oil Products

Flexible blending capability to optimize technical performance and reduce costs. Packed vegetable oils, waxes and fats for small quantity use. Availability: Europe


Industrial Base Oils

Canola, soybean and linseed oils provide many advantages over mineral oils, including low volatile organic compound (VOC) content and low toxicity. Availability: North America

[North America]/[]

Agri-Pure® Lauric Oils

We offer coconut oils and palm kernel oils for industrial applications where excellent thermal and oxidative stability, as well as low volatility, is valued. Availability: Europe


Monounsaturated Oils

We offer rapeseed (canola) oil and hi-oleic sunflower oils for diverse industrial applications where biodegradability is desired. Availability: Europe


Polyunsaturated oils

We offer sunflower, soybean and linseed oils for industrial applications where reactivity with heat and oxygen are desired. Availability: Europe



Cargill is offering a wide range of native and modified starches. Native starches are used as a carbon source in fermentation processes. In addition starches play a role in stabilizing formulations of fermentation products and they can be used as a carrier for encapsulation or granulation of fermentation products

[EMEA, North America]/[]


Carrageenans are derived from seaweed and are known for their thickening and gelling capabilities. They can also be used for controlling the viscosity of fermentation media and for stabilizing formulations of fermentation products.


Xanthan Gum

Xanthan can be used for controlling the viscosity of fermentation media and for stabilizing formulations of fermentation products.


Industrial Lecithin

Lecithin enhances the manufacture of oil-based emulsions, suspensions and dispersions and stabilizes these systems.


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