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Hero Polyaspartic Ester

Altor® Polyaspartic Esters

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Our 100% solids, UV resistant polyaspartic esters  are amine-functional reactive materials formulated for indoor and outdoor coating applications on concrete or primed steel surfaces. When cured with aliphatic polyisocyanates, our Altor® polyaspartic esters provide a wide range of performance benefits for the end user including high build, which can improve return to service times. When used on direct to metal applications, it is highly recommended to use an epoxy primer base. Materials can be used alone or blended to achieve specific cure times.

Description Viscosity cPs @ 25°C APHA Color Moisture % Gel time, minutes Density
Altor® 200

Fast reacting aspartic ester

75 70 0.03 <2 8.82
Altor® 201 Medium reacting aspartic ester
900-1500 25 0.05 26-34 8.9
Altor® 202 Slow reacting aspartic ester 700-2000 60 0.04 260-700 8.84
Altor® 205LV Low viscosity, amine-functional co-reactant for polyisocyanates 200-500 30 0.05 53-60 8.8


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