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Oxi-Cure® Low VOC Oils & Coalescing Agents

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The Oxi-Cure® product line of of oils and esters is specially designed to help our paint and coatings customers achieve low VOC levels in their coating formulations. Products include coalescents and crosslinkers to provide superior film forming and reduced VOC.

These low VOC oils were originally developed to help coatings manufacturers meet the most stringent VOC regulations while maintaining or improving overall coating performance.

For the oilfield industry, select the Oxi-Cure® 500 series products. These are 100% natural polyglycerols that provide a variety of functional benefits in drilling mud formulations, particularly shale inhibition. They are available in various degrees of polymerization to allow the formulator to zero in on the exact performance requirement. Polyglycerols  can also be used as a component feedstock to make esters, emulsifiers and other derivatives.

The  Oxi-Cure® 100 Series  are recommended as "no-bake" oils in hardwood manufacturing that  lower energy usage and reduce emissions.


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