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Paper and Board: Product Solutions

Product Solutions

Wet-End Starches

Our range of wet-end starches gives manufacturers greater control over the paper-making process. It helps to improve the formation, drainage, retention and paper strength, and allows for the increase of the recycled fiber content in the final sheet, without quality loss.

Spray Starches

Our starches for spraying improve the strength properties of paper and board. They are cost-effective solutions that enhance the internal bond and ply bond, while allowing for good distribution in the stock and avoiding reduction of the paper machine performance, including speed.

Surface Sizing Starches

Our starch solutions for surface sizing increase water resistance and enhance the printability of paper. Our new cationic grades have the additional benefit of not requiring enzymatic conversion, while reducing the effluent load and improving runnability of the machine.

Coating Starches

Our portfolio of coating starches helps to improve the coating color rheology and therefore coater runnability. Better printability, optical properties and sheet smoothness are key benefits for paper. Our starches also enable latex replacement at an even higher percentage, by using our latest solutions.

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