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asphalt modifier by cargill

Asphalt Rheology Modifiers

Enhancing low quality bitumen: improved cracking resistance

Anova® bitumen additives are viscosity reducers and rheology modifiers that increase the “useful temperature interval” (UTI) of bitumen from many different crude sources through higher softening at lower temperatures without sacrificing the high-end temperature while limiting high temperature grade loss.

A useful tool for asphalt binder producers and contractors. The Anova modifiers can be used to achieve the following:

  • Reduce the low temperature grade of the asphalt, easily achieving -34, -40 and lower grades
  • Excellent polymer compatiblizer and enhancer for PMB producers
  • Easy grade correction with small dosages (<1%) to correct drifts during storage and production
  • Produce paving grade bitumen from non-conventional streams

Product highlights

  • High impact at low dosage rate: Improves most asphalt binders by one Performance Grade or penetration grade with as little as 2-3% by weight of the binder
  • Low VOCs and low volatile mass loss (as measured by the Rolling Thin Film Oven)
  • Highly compatible with bitumen: Can be easily blended into bitumen without need of high shear agitation
  • High flash point (in excess of 240°C/460°F) compared to petroleum-based bitumen modifiers allowing safer handling without changing current processes
  • Compatible with both natural and synthetic polymer, resulting in improved dispersion
  • Access to technical support and formulation services through state of the art asphalt application laboratory and industry expertise

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