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Industrial Starches

Many of our starch products start with a variety of corn types, each with particular properties (plus variants produced through chemical and/or physical modifications). Granular native starch, when heated in an aqueous environment, gelatinizes to produce a viscous colloidal solution with high binding power. Your optimal starch is selected according to application and specific qualities desired, such as viscosifying, binding, tackifying, flow and film-forming properties, using native, pregelatinized or modified products characteristics.

Specific modifications are performed on the starches to allow them to:

  • Provide viscosity without the need to cook the starch
  • Allow them to be used at higher solids
  • Provide greater viscosity stability
  • Provide faster tack and/or quicker drying
  • Improve film-forming properties
  • Improve adhesion and/or binding properties


Starches are a versatile input used in many industries including adhesive and binding applications, paper making, corrugating, construction, paints and coatings, textiles and oilfield applications. A specific native, modified or pregelatinized starch is selected depending on application, conditions and properties desired.

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