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Industrial Lecithin

Cargill standard and modified lecithins are surface-active and emulsifying. Lecithin enhances the manufacture of oil-based emulsions, suspensions and dispersions and stabilizes these systems.

In drilling applications, lecithin can be used for

  • Lubricating drill bits /smooth operation
  • Reducing friction/reduced damage
  • Achieving viscosity requirements in fresh, saltwater and other drilling muds

Cargill’s industrial lecithins are also appropriate ingredients for paint and ink formulations, leather & textile treatment, lubricant products, as well as leather and textile treatment.


  • Lipotin 50 is a broad-range standardized lecithin suitable for solvent-based paint formulations, leather and textile treatment, drilling fluids, adhesives & binders as well as lubricants and provides the best  deal between price and performance.
  • Lipotin 100 lecithin is the technical version of a standardized lecithin suitable for all non-food emulsifying applications.
  • Lipotin DB lecithin is a transparent double bleached lecithin for solvent-based bright paint formulations.
  • Topcithin SB lecithin is a single bleached lecithin, and due to its bright amber color it is appropriate for paints, inks and paper coating applications.

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