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ChemCure® Mannich Bases

Availability: United States

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Mannich bases are highly reactive curing agents because the accelerator is built in. They are good for low temperature cure, in some cases down to 10°F, and other challenging applications. We offer a wide range of Mannich bases to meet the most demanding application requirements for epoxy use in damp, cold and even under water applications.

Description Viscosity cP @ 25ºC Amine H+ Eq. Weight PHR Gel Time (minutes) Density Color Typical Gardner
ChemCure® 254 Flexible, high performing for harsh conditions 700 ~ 1,000 152 80 50 7.8 3
ChemCure® 265

Economical, fast curing, all-purpose Mannich Base

400 ~ 700 48 25 15 8.8 4
ChemCure® 350 Direct to wet damp, poorly prepared metal 2,000 ~ 3,500 73 40 11 9.3 5
ChemCure® 352

Low viscosity, light color, fast curing, low sensitivity to water, excellent blush resistance 

125 - 500 76 40 16 8.6 2


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