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Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum, a high-molecular weight biopolymer, provides versatile rheology control in a wide range of brines, drilling and fracturing fluids. Xanthan gum is considered non-hazardous and suitable for use in environmentally sensitive locations and applications.

Cargill offers xanthan gum products that readily disperse and can be mixed into water under low shear conditions without the formation of lumps and “fisheyes” often seen with non-dispersible polymers, improving utility and efficiency.

In oilfield applications xanthan gum provides excellent rheological control for water-based drilling, completion and work-over fluids in a wide range of brines. High viscosity at low concentrations and efficient solids transport in high viscosity/low shear conditions bring several benefits to drilling and oilfield applications, including

  • Minimized pumping friction in lime, freshwater and saltwater muds
  • Maximized drill bit penetration
  • Accelerated drilling rates in low viscosity/high shear conditions
  • Decreased solids buildup in drilling fluids
  • Handling high gravel concentrations
  • Stabilization of hole-cleaning fluids
  • Decreased damage to oil formation
  • Decreased maintenance expense
  • Lower total cost of operation
  • Stabilizes uniform suspension of pigments
  • Reduced suspension time
  • Provides thixotropic properties
  • Controls syneresis during storage and application
  • Provides microbiological stability in water based formulations
  • Complies with requirements of environmentally friendly paint formulations


  • Satiaxane ™  CX 90 T is a xanthan gum developed for the needs of technical applications with a viscosity of 1200 – 1600 mPA.s and 92 % < 180 μm (US 80#) particle size.
  • Satiaxane™ CX 91 T is a xanthan gum developed for the needs of technical applications with a viscosity of 1200 – 1600 mPA.s and 92 % < 75 μm (US 200#) particle size. It is a cost-effective thickener and stabilizer used in cold conditions, creates transparent water solutions and gels is preferred solution for construction, paint, home care and detergents.
  • Satiaxane CX™ 911 DF is a xanthan gum providing high viscosity and pseudoplasticity at low concentration with very high resistance to acid and heat treatment as well as excellent salt tolerance and exceptional suspension properties.
  • Satiaxane CX™ 915 is a low dusting xanthan gum with a granule size of 90 %  < 355 μm (US 45#)
  • Satiaxane CX™ 930 is a xanthan gum offering excellent solution clarity. It is very stable in presence of up to 60° alcohol and has great tolerance to electrolytes and pH and therefore recommended for the use in polishes, home care and detergency as well as whenever the finished product must be transparent.
  • Satiaxane™ CX 2 QD, due to its granulated form, is a low dusting xanthan gum powder with < 100 μm (US 140#) and 50 % > 250 μm (US 60#). It guarantees a quick and optimal dispersion without heating, avoiding the formation of fish eyes thanks and enables the increase of productivity and throughput.