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Agri-Pure® Monounsaturated Oils

Regional availability: Europe, Middle East, Africa

Monounsaturated vegetable oils contain a high proportion of oleic acid, a C18-chain fatty acid with one double bond; important examples include rapeseed (canola), high-oleic sunflower oil and olive oil.  The oleic acid component provides liquidity, while the oil retains good thermal and oxidative stability; this balance of liquidity and stability makes monounsaturated vegetable oils a preferred choice for use in lubricant formulations – particularly those intended for environmentally sensitive applications where the ready biodegradability of the vegetable oil is valued.

Monounsaturated vegetable oils are used as ingredients in home and personal care products, and form the main constituents of traditional liquid soaps and some surfactants (surface-active agents). They are also used in many industrial applications, including textile treatment, printing inks, concrete mold release agents and as carrier oils in crop protection formulations. Oils such as rapeseed can be modified by (partial )hydrogenation to increase their melting point, forming hard, wax-like products for use in the production of candles, coatings and other wax-related applications. More information on our range of vegetable waxes.

As well as direct uses, monounsaturated vegetable oils serve as raw materials for the production of other industrially important ingredients such as fatty acids, esters, soaps and sulfurized oils.


  • Agri-pure® AP-45 is a liquid oil with excellent thermal and oxidative stability, suitable for use in metal working fluids, mold-release agents and other lubricant applications. It can be used in many other liquid oil applications.
  • Agri-pure® AP-60 is a general-purpose oil which offers a balance between good low-temperature properties, and acceptable shelf-life / in-process stability. It is suitable for moderately demanding environments, and contains about 60% oleic acid.
  • Agri-pure® AP-75R has the lowest pourpoint of our monounsaturated oils range, which makes it particularly suited for use in potentially cold environments e.g. chainsaw lubricants. It has a good shelf-life / in-process stability, intermediate between the AP-60 and AP-80 grades. The oleic acid content of this grade is ca. 75%.
  • Agri-pure® AP-80 is a premium quality oil with an oleic acid content around 80%. It combines good low-temperature properties with exceptional shelf-life and in-process stability. It is suitable for demanding lubricant applications, and where a long shelf-life is required, such as personal care products.

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