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Industrial Carrageenan

Carrageenans are derived from seaweed and are known for their thickening and gelling capabilities. In industrial applications, such as paints and inks, carrageenans can be used to:

  • Stabilize uniform suspension of pigments.
  • Reduce suspension time.
  • Provide thixotropic properties.
  • Control syneresis during storage and application.
  • Provide microbiological stability in water based formulations.
  • Comply with requirements of environmentally friendly paint formulations.


  • Satiagel™ MM 40 SB (GR) with sucrose is dust-free, well dispersible and quickly soluble with a granulometry of 50 % > 250 μm (US 60#). It prevents syneresis and sedimentation, restoring the stability of the formulation, while improving the smoothness of the film. Satiagel MM40 can be used in combination with xanthan gum for better thickening and suspension and is recommended for natural paint, polish and construction.
  • Satiagel™ MM 50 is used in paint applications.