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Trade Connections

Trade connects all of us

As workers, consumers and citizens of countries across the globe, we all benefit from trade. Discover the stories below, and consider becoming an ambassador and sharing your own trade story.

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With open trade, the humble soybean becomes a powerful force

Why Mark Albertson’s small town relies on this legume.

[Global]/[China, United States (USA)]

Minnesota farmer on trade: Let’s avoid history repeating

Richard Stadheim believes we can learn a lot by looking at the past.

[Global]/[China, United States (USA)]

‘It’s a world market today’: A Minnesota farmer’s perspective on trade

Jerry Demmer has seen the benefits of trade at home and abroad.


The U.S. and China: Linked by Trade

China is a critically important export market for U.S. farmers, who in turn help feed the growing Chinese population.


Trade helps keep family business afloat

Growing up on a European cargo ship gave one Cargill employee a unique perspective on global trade. 


Why trade matters to me: one family’s story

What is the relationship between a town, a manufacturing facility and a family? For Chris Houfek, they are inseparably linked.


From Arkansas to Mexico: this U.S. turkey farmer counts on free trade

For Arkansas turkey farmer Jeff Lindsey, Mexico is closer than you might think. His farm is located in the town of Elkins, just north of the Ozarks National Forest. But a significant portion of his birds ends up being sold south of the border, hundreds of miles away.