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Naturally-coloured Coatings and Fillings with Plant Extract

Naturally-coloured Coatings and Fillings with Plant Extract

Add fresh, natural and vivid appeal to your products

Key benefits

  • Boost sales from consumers who want to test them all
  • Colour appeal for kids – natural source reassurance for parents
  • Play endlessly to add colours to your products

Clean label colouring

Add a new dimension to your éclairs, cereal bars, lollipops and more with our range of naturally coloured coatings and fillings. Created using natural colouring from plant extract, our full spectrum can bring exciting new diversity to your products with no need of adding extra colours. From beetroot to give a warm red colour, to spirulina for a deep blue, the possibilities are endless.

Bring your creations vividly to life with natural flavours

These days, when it comes to sensory experiences, consumers want the works. Our combination of vibrant colours add fun and excitement to the eating experience. Children love the bright colours while parents are delighted that they derive from natural sources. For an even more jazzy product, we can add any natural fruity flavours to the striking coloured coatings and fillings, from the strawberry or orange favourites to the trendy lemon or coconut.

A playful way to boost sales

With more colour your product will stand out from the competition. It’s a sure-fire way to spark consumer interest and add intrigue to any new product launch. It can also make seasonal or limited edition products even more special. Use it to create a new range of products and your most loyal consumers will want to try each and every one.

Product Specifications

Technical information

(information below for blue coating and filling)

Fat content: 37.8%

Applications: Confectionery, bakery and biscuits, moulding of seasonal items, cereals and cereal bars, ice dips

Legal appellation: Blue coating

List of ingredients: Sugar, vegetable fat (palm, coconut), lactose (milk), skimmed milk powder, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, plant extracts, natural flavouring

Additional information: Available as: RSPO segregated, No hydrogenated fats. Kosher

Possible claims: No colours added

Delivery form: Drops, buckets, blocks, containers

Shelf life: Solid 12 months, liquid 2 weeks

Storage conditions: Solid: 15-20°C max 60% R.H. / Liquid: 45-50°C, with frequent agitation